What are Studded Tubes?

    These are metal tubes with studs welded on the OD throughout the length in a specific pattern, and used in fired heaters in refineries and also in water tube boilers.


    Studded Tubes





  • High density crude oil is passed through studded tubes which are heated from outside. Liquefied product comes out from the other end, which now can be used for further processing.
  • At times, navy boilers also require studded tubes, with oval shaped studs welded on them. These are used for heating water in water tube boilers.


Advantages of Studded Tubes

  • To increase the surface area of the tube and to protect tube surface from direct exposure to heat / corrosive environment
  • Studding reduces the amount of bare pipes used in these processes. Heat transfer surface of one studded pipe is equivalent to surface of 4 to 10 bare pipes.
  • Use of studded tubes is ideal for processes / applications, where dirty fuels are used in harsh environments

At Studcraft, studding is done by resistance welding machine. The linear and angular pitch is precisely maintained by PLC controller. Studs are welded on tubes having diameter from 4" to 8" and length maximum upto 12 meters.

Pipe materials – We use tube materials as Mild Steel or Alloy Steel like grades P3, P5, P9, P11 etc. Stud Material is generally Mild Steel or as per customer requirement.

Studded tubes are manufactures and tested as per EIL Standard 6 – 17 – 0004

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