Manufacturing Facilities

In order to cater to different requirements of various customers, we are having state-of –the-art manufacturing facilities like:

  • 1-Die 2-Blow headers – capacity from M3 to M25
  • 5 station Part Former – capacity from M5 to M12
  • Flat Thread Rolling machines – M3 to M6
  • Circular Thread Rolling machines – M6 to M16
  • Washer Assembly machines – M4 to M6 (double washer)
  • TOOLROOM – To cater to changes in design or provide quick sample development, STUDCRAFT has developed its own toolroom with facilities like grinding, milling, EDM, heat treatment, etc.
  • 4 station bolt former – capacity from M16 to M25
  • Express feeder for uninterrupted power supply.

Inspection Facilities

In order to keep a check on the quality of products as well as of Raw Material, we are having following inspection facilities (other than standard gauges and instruments) in-house:

UTM – UTS of raw material plays a very important role in mechanical properties of fasteners. At Stud Craft, for every lot of raw material received (bars / coils), the UTS is checked to comply with requirement. Other properties like Elongation, Yield strength and Reduction in area are also checked.

Profile Projector – We are having profile projector with 10X and 20X enlargement, to inspect minute details like thread forms, radius, head slot, chamfer degree, etc.

Plating Thickness Tester – Since electroplating activity is sub-contracted, every lot received is checked and verified with the supplier TC. Customer can be rest assured regarding the plating quality.

Optical Sorting Machine – This is a very unique facility which we are using for inspection of screws and studs. All automotive components are 100% inspected on this machine for all dimensions. At present there are 2 such machines which can inspect jobs @300 pcs/minute with 100% accuracy.