Shear Connectors
Shear Connectors


The latest technology used in construction of buildings and bridges. They are used as a major element in the composite structure. Excellent quality, high load bearing capacity, durability, faster speed of construction, etc. are some of the reasons why it is gaining popularity in the construction industry.

“Shear connector means headed steel studs. These are welded to a structural member for achieving composite action with concrete. Shear connector is one of the major elements in the composite structure.”

Stud Craft is the only manufacturer in India who is manufacturing the shear studs on fully automatic high speed machine in single setup. Hence consistency in Quality is maintained. No further operations are required. 

Quality of our studs is equivalent to other well known brands like Nelson, KOCO, etc.

We manufacture @10000 nos in single shift.


The Welding Process

Stud In Contact With Plate

Pilot Arc

Power Arc

Completed Weld

Advantages of Shear connector

  • Shear Connectors have high load bearing capacity and offer heavy resistance for failure by shearing, in composite structure.
  • Very high rate of production can be achieved, during construction.
  • Ease of operation, during construction. No specific skill is required for welding.
  • Flexibility in design of construction.
  • Shear Connectors can be welded through Deck Sheet, to produce concrete slab.
  • Size of columns are smaller hence for given built up area we can have larger carpet area
  • Strong, durable, stable and seismic resistant.


  • Flyovers
  • Rail over bridge (ROB)
  • Metro
  • Commercial building
  • Power Plants

STUD CRAFT is manufacturing shear connectors according to international standard ISO 13918 and testing is done as per AWS D1.1/D1.1M.

Considering the criticality of application, Stud Craft has carefully selected the raw material with proper chemical composition and mechanical properties to ensure excellent weldability and strength.

Shear connectors with shank diameter 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm are most commonly used worldwide, with varying lengths. Ceramic ferrules to suit the shear connectors are supplied by Stud Craft. Depending upon the application, Bare Metal or Through Deck Ceramic Ferrules are supplied.